Dr. Gee´s Imprägnierwachs

Dr. Gee´s impregnation wax

We like to leave you out in the rain.

Easy. Organic. Genious.

A jacket that is slowly soaking through is a sensation you dont want to experience on every rainy day there is.
With our  impregnation wax you can actually avoid that.
Garments on wich you apply our wax become water-repellent plus get a good care that makes them more durable. You won´t want to miss it in any bad weather.
Dr. Gee´s impregnation wax can be used on any kind of  waxcotton, Duster, horseriding-clothes, Oilskin-coats, G-1000® and any cotton garments. Even Trousers and bags can be made waterproof.
Try our impregnation wax and you´ll be looking forward to rain that just drips off.

Bees wax - Nature´s product

The bees wax in Dr. Gee´s impregnation wax comes from beekeepers of our region (Bonn). Whose bees are only treated with natural substances such as formic acid. When it comes to the ingredients of our products and the energy used for their manufacturing we put our main focus on the ecologic compatibility and efficiency.


The benefit

It is super recommendable to make your clothes water-repellant with Dr. Gee´s wax. In consideration of poisonous and/or cancerogenic  fluoritic-carbones, that are used in famous outdoor garments and impregnation agents. You can avoid those polluting the environment and cause a threat to your and the health of people around you.

Any questions? Please write an e-mail or call us. We´re happy to help.



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