How to wax a jacket.

Spread out the garment that you want to wax nice and flat. Take the wax and slide it over the fabric until you have applied a thin layer. You can make it easier for you by warming the Jacket before you start. Those parts of the jacket that are especially exposed to the weather should be applied with an extra layer of wax.

Next you want to melt the wax into the Garment. Use an iron but without the steam function. Also you can use a blowdryer to melt the wax. You can watch as the wax is now surrounding every fiber. Nice…

Jacke wachsen
Jacke wachsen

Put some water on the jacket and you see impressivly the effect. The water just drips off. Just as you need it, some parts may be treated again or you apply a second layer on the whole. Those parts of the clothing that are not exposed to the weather, we recommend not to treat, to maintain a certain breathabillity. For instance your back if you wear a rucksack.

Impregnating with wax is a good way of tuning your jacket or trousers and make it impermeable for water and also give it more sustainabillity.
Fabrics that are constantly under high pressure, lets say from rockclimbing or construction work need a little support to last longer.
The wax you apply protects the fabrics from too high a friction by giving it a certain lubricity and sealing the thread. That way your clothing becomes more durable.
Every fabric that has a certain share of cotton is suitable to be treated with Dr. Gee´s impregnation wax.
By the way. When on tour, be sure to have some Dr. Gee´s with you. Sometimes you notice only while on trek where a bit of extra application is needed.
To melt the wax on tour use the bottom of a hot pot or carefully the flame of a cooker.

Have a good trip!

Your team at Dr. Gee´s